API keys

In order to use 2Shapes in WordPress or Web Components, you need to have an API key.

Are you trying or learning 2Shapes? We recommend you use the demo API Key because this demo account is ready to go: YOUR-ECOMMERCE-APIKEY

How to get your eCommerce API Key

Login into 2Shapes eCommerce Builder App: ecommerce.2shapes.com

Type a name for your eCommerce and click Next:

Click on Next:

Select a Theme:

Theme doesn't affect the WordPress plugin or Web Components

Click on Create

Your eCommerce is ready! Click on the Start editing your eCommerce button.

Click on the Integrations item, and you will find your API Key:

How to create a new API Key:

We recommend creating a new Apikey Key if you suspect that the security of your current key has been compromised (i.e., someone else might be using your key).

Important: As soon as you create a new key, your current key will become invalid, you will only be able to access the 2Shapes API with the new key.

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